Secure Soft

Secure Soft is a developer of productivity and antivirus & security software. The current developer portfolio contains 15 programs. The most popular software is P7S Viewer with 7 installations on Windows PC.

Best software by Secure Soft

P7S Viewer
View files signed by P7S Signer or other signature tool.
X509 Certificate Generator
The X.509 Certificate Generator is a multipurpose certificate application.
P7S Signer
A standards-based electronic signature solution based on PKCS#7/CAdES format.

Popular programs by Secure Soft

XML Signer
It allows you to sign XML documents using X.509 digital certificates.
PDF Signer Server
PDF Signer Server sign PDF documents using X.509 digital certificate.
XML Signer Viewer
Lets you view files signed by XML Signer or other signature software.
XML Decryptor
XML Encryptor allows you to encrypt XML files by using a digital certificate.

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